Our Prices

The first question we are generally asked when people ring about driving lessons is 'How much do you charge?'  We could simply provide you with the current hourly rate but there is much more to it than that.

At Horizon, our driving lesson prices are competitive, reflect our high quality tuition and excellent driving test pass rate. We also guarantee you will get a fully qualified driving instructor, something that a lot of schools cannot say. We are large enough to cope but small enough to care, and constantly strive to provide a first class service together with all the little extras that help make your driving lessons easier and more enjoyable. You won't spend hours sitting at the side of the road and you are always guaranteed 'one-to-one' tuition. ‘Piggy-backing’, where you drop off the previous pupil at the start of your lesson and are in turn dropped off by the next pupil, will never take place when you train with Horizon.

Please also note that we recommend one & a half hour lessons. This will accelerate the learning process and in the long run, save you money.  However, if your budget does not stretch to that, we can still do one hour lessons (or indeed two hour lessons although we do not recommend these as experience has shown that after 90 minutes, concentration levels drop).

Prices correct as from 24th April 2017

Beginners’ Course

Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

Evenings from 5pm & weekends



First three hours of tuition. Two one and a half hour lessons to get you started.  Please note that this course is only available to absolute beginners in possession of a provisional driving licence

Pay as you go lessons

One hour lesson  

One & a half hour lesson   

Two hour lesson




If you pay for lessons as you take them, this is the amount you will pay

Pre-paid lessons

10 hours in advance


Pay for 10 hours of driving instruction in advance and save up to £2 per hour on standard rates

Post-test training

Pass Plus



Gain valuable extra experience and possibly save money on your car insurance by taking the Pass Plus course.
Minimum is 6 hours per course, and includes motorway driving

Motorway lessons



Gain valuable experience on the fastest roads in the country. Price is for a two hour lesson, which is standard for this kind of tuition

Refresher lessons



Not driven for a while and feel a bit nervous or rusty? Take a few lessons to restore your confidence. This is our price per hour or you could save money by making a block booking

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